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Piano Inspections by Wes Flinn RPT in Phoenix, Arizona

Any piano that is new to a technician must be inspected in person before work can be done – we must determine both its condition and plan whatever service must be done to meet your needs.

Only a hands-on inspection can make all this simple, and tell us what work is needed — This inspection takes only a few minutes — we also discuss how you want to use the piano, what your expectations are for it, and what kind of tuning will be needed to serve your situation.

If the inspection shows that your piano is already capable of being tuned, the tuning work can begin immediately. But, when preparation work is needed first, this will be explained so you can make decisions.

Cost of a Repair Inspection is $49 – this fee is credited back to actual work done on the piano, whether done now or later, and is charged separately only when piano work is done later.


Several types of tuning are used for different situations— cost ranges from $85 to $185 –  Only an inspection can tell us what is needed for you !

For full tuning details Go to  “Tuning”, then check out the links.

Note that when inspection shows your physical piano operates adequately, but has not been tuned and maintained regularly, it may require using the “Remedial Tuning” procedure, which is used to restore a bad or old tuning —

This exact procedure may not be needed for your piano — but when needed:
– A remedial tuning procedure can take up to 3 hours to install

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