My Mesa, Arizona Area Piano Services

I hold “workshops” on pianos and piano tuning wherever asked to do so, but also each of my owner service calls also includes an owner workshop about tuning and maintenance of their piano — information and instructions given to whatever length and extent they wish, lasting from a few minutes to an hour.

I provide these workshops because the more an owner knows about their piano, the better care they will take of it, and the more they will enjoy using it, and — very important — the more likely they will be to read my book [this website] “Piano Tuning Phoenix” and to tell other people about this book. It’s the only book available anywhere written in owner language, not technical language, that covers all aspects of acquiring and owning and maintaining a traditional physical acoustic piano. And, it’s FREE! Right here on the internet!

Mesa Grand National ParkMesa AZ is another one of my biggest “workshop” areas — it is the 3rd-largest city in Arizona after Phoenix and Tucson.

Any place where the ground space is large and its origins diverse could be expected to have many faces in its maturity. The Mesa land area retains footprints and remnants of the Hohokam civilization which date back some 2000 years to their arrival and beginnings of cultivation of the area. Some of these Hohokam’s original canal systems form the architecture of the canals in use there today. Several pilgrimages of groups of the Mormon faith from Utah, or LDS Latter Day Saints, in the late 1800’s initiated the continuous growth of the area into a population today of nearly one-half million people.

Lehi School 1880, Mesa AZ
LDS Headquarters today, Mesa AZ
Downtown Mesa AZ today

Mesa Arts Center, Mesa AZThe pictures here are hardly even a suggestion of the diversity of the Mesa AZ area. After World War II and the advent of air conditioning and the rise of tourism, Mesa boomed with airfields, educational facilities and businesses of every name and nature.

Clockwise around the picture circle above are ruins preserved in the Mesa Grande National Park; a reconstruction of the 1880 Mormon community “Lehi” school; the present-day Mormon headquarters in Mesa AZ; the present-day downtown area; and bottom right is the Mesa Arts Center, which contains four performance venues, five art galleries, plus multiple classroom and presentation areas.

Last, but hardly least,
is Mesa’s most unique claim to fame, the world’s largest Wurlitzer Pipe Organ remaining today, located at the Organ Pizza Stop on Southern Ave in Mesa AZ. Several of the world’s most capable and talented organists staff the daily performance of this thundering and completely unique artistic machine! Everyone must go there someday for a musical performance treat available nowhere else, anywhere!

This incomparable machine occupies an entire building needed to house all its pipes and musical features.

The mighty Wurlitzer

And, Oh Yes! — Don’t forget about a couple of my Mesa Piano Tuning workshops!

There is the Ed Fritz piano, a Knabe grand which has received both a
Wapin Bridge System Installation, and a Keyboard TouchRail System.

Then, there is an 1892 J&C Fischer Victorian 57-inch tall upright Cabinet Grand Piano, which has been in Frank Padgett’s family since
it was brand new — now all refurbished and plays like new again:

Wes Flinn RPT – Registered Piano Technician

Wes Flinn RPT

I offer my services to Mesa, Arizona residents living in zip code areas: 85201, 85202, 85203, 85204, 85205, 85206, 85207, 85208, 85209, 85210, 85211, 85212, 85213, 85214, 85215, 85216, 85274, 85275 and 85277.

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