My Gilbert, Arizona Area Piano Services

I hold “workshops” on pianos and piano tuning wherever asked to do so, but also each of my owner service calls also includes an owner workshop about tuning and maintenance of their piano — information and instructions given to whatever length and extent they wish, lasting from a few minutes to an hour.

I provide these workshops because the more an owner knows about their piano, the better care they will take of it, and the more they will enjoy using it, and — very important — the more likely they will be to read my book [this website] “Piano Tuning Phoenix” and to tell other people about this book. It’s the only book available anywhere written in owner language, not technical language, that covers all aspects of acquiring and owning and maintaining a traditional physical acoustic piano. And, it’s FREE! Right here on the internet!

Town Hall Building at the Civic CenterGilbert AZ is a show-stopper when it comes to “firsts” and public recognitions!  Think about all this:

  • By 1911 was called “Hay shipping capital” of the world
  • In 1912 was a refuge to Mormons from Mexico escaping the wild antics of political reformer Pancho Villa
  • Today is the most populous incorporated town in the US having grown to over 210,000 residents
  • Ranked by CNN’s Money magazine in 2008 as one of the best places to live in the United States
  • One of the top 25 safest cities in the United States
  • 35% Gilbert residents hold bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Gilbert is also rated as a town of relatively low crime

Gilbert owes its beginnings to William “Bobby” Gilbert who provided land to the Arizona Eastern Railway in 1902 to construct a rail line between Phoenix and Florence, Arizona. With the railroad came the people, then the stores, then the houses, then the businesses and prosperity. Here are some historic reminders: the iconic and still standing 1925 water tower, the still operating 1936 Liberty Market Neon Sign; fast forward to luxurious home spreads like Val Vista Lakes, then contemporary shopping San Tan Village and Macy’s Department Store.

1925 Water Tower Gilbert AZ
Water Town and Neon Sign
Gilbert AZ waterfront homesites
Gilbert AZ modern shopping and Macy's

Maybe you already knew all
the above about Gilbert —
I’ll bet you didn’t know all this
according to Wikipedia:

“Among these great honors, Gilbert was named by Forbes in 2008 as the 9th most boring city in the United States. In their annual report released November 2009 using FBI statistics, Gilbert’s Cosmo Dog Park has twice made Dog Fancy magazine’s list of top dog parks in the nation since opening in 2006, including being named Dog Park of the Year in 2007. The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is recognized by the National Audubon Society as being an “Important Bird Area”. Gilbert has been named as a “bicycle-” and “tree-friendly” community, and receives “high satisfaction rates” from citizens in town surveys.”

Wes Flinn RPT – Registered Piano Technician

Wes Flinn RPT

I’ve got a lot of
clients in Gilbert,
and it’s a very
active piano

you’re going to have to trust me on this one —I don’t have a single review to quote here that was published from Gilbert, but one will show up soon because I really do go there often!

I offer my services to Gilbert, Arizona residents living in zip code areas: 85233, 85234, 85295, 85296, 85297, 85298 and 85299.

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